Resolution – Release of the Alabama Camps to form the Department of Alabama


February 13, 2020 Department Commander Department Tennessee, MS and AL Encampment We, the Commanders of the Alabama Camps respectfully submit the following resolution to the Encampment of the Department of Tennessee to be held March 21, 2020:

WHEREAS the members of the three Alabama Camps have discussed the desire to form an independent department separate and distinct from the current Department of Tennessee; and

WHEREAS all essential records have been assembled and submitted to National and to the ExDir, National Secretary, CINC and the National Counselor PCinC Darby per the Constitution and Regulations and directed by CinC Edward Norris; and

WHEREAS it is just and proper that the members recognize the many good and noble benefits of said separation;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the three Alabama Camps, MG James H. Wilson Camp No. 1, Private Richard Taylor Camp No. 53, and MG John T. Croxton, Camp No. 17, be permitted to form an independent Department of Alabama.


Howard D. Poarch, PC MG John T. Croxton Camp No. 17
Member MG James H. Wilson, Camp 1

Brent B. Goodwin, CC MG John T. Croxton, Camp 17

Michael K. Garrett, CC Pvt. Richard Taylor, Camp 53

Eric D. Alford, CC MG James H. Wilson, Camp 1

The resolution passed at the 25th Encampment