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Additional information may be found on the SUVCW national website! (How to Join! |

Member: A male descendant, 14 years of age or older, who: or Junior: A male descendent, 6-14 years of age, who:

  • is directly descended from a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or member of the Revenue Cutter Service (or directly descended from a brother, sister, half-brother, or half-sister of such Soldier, etc.) who was regularly mustered and served honorably in, was honorably discharged from, or died in the service of, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Revenue Cutter Service of the United States of America or in such state regiments called to active service and was subject to the orders of United States general officers, between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865;
  • has never been convicted of any infamous or heinous crime; and
  • has, or whose ancestor through whom membership is claimed, has never voluntarily borne arms against the government of the United States.

Associate: Men who do not have the ancestry to qualify for hereditary membership may become Associates if they:

  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in the Civil War; and
  • Can subscribe to the purpose and objects of the SUVCW

Although an Associate is not required to meet the lineage requirement of a Member, he is still subject to the second and third provisions of hereditary eligibility. An Associate may vote and hold any office except those of Commander-in-Chief, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, National Secretary, National Treasurer and Commanding Officer of the Sons of Veterans Reserve. Associates may not exceed one-third of the total membership of the Camp at the time of election.



Are you Re-enactors?

GAHuttick : 15-May-2016 16:48 : faq, Uncategorized

No, Yes, Some…

We are a hereditary organization.  So foremost, we are dedicated to remembering our forefathers who served as Federal Forces during the American Civil War. Specifically, we are the heirs of the Grand Army of the Republic.

That being said, we do have a military subset that does living history and reenactments.  It is referred to as the Sons of Veterans Reserve.  Members of the SUVCW who want to join that organization may do so.  They have their own chain of command that reports up to the National SUVCW that is separate from the Camps and Departments.

The Department of Tennessee is within the 7th Military District Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR).  The only current unit of the SVR in the Deparmtment is the 10th Tennessee U.S. Volunteer Infantry.


10th Tennessee U.S. Volunteer Infantry


7th Military District

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