Special Order #3 – 2023-2024

George Andrew Huttick
57 Hwy 22S
Shiloh, TN 38376

Special Order #3, 2023-2024

Brothers of the Department,

The 142nd National Encampment of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War concluded 5 August 2023.  Br. Chip Huffman, Department Sr. Vice Commander and I had the privilege of attending.  There is a lot of activity that happens at these Encampments.  Things that you think will be contentious sometimes aren’t; and thing you think will easily pass can take longer than expected.  Below are some highlights that I captured that may be of interest.  THIS is not an inclusive list!  There was many other actions.  Changes to regulation shown below are subject to the actual published reg (e.g. typos and other wording may get corrected)

  1. Special Committee to Review Membership Qualifications:
    1. The recommendations that were presented at our Department Encampment (and others) regarding the definition of “male” were presented as a change to our Constitution.
    2. The recommendations were further word smithed and passed.
    3. As these are changes to Constitution, they must be ratified by the Departments. We will be receiving instructions on that soon.
      1. It may be necessary to hold a Special Department Encampment to act on these. I will determine the course once we have the packets from National.
    4. Regulation changes (do not need ratification by the Departments)
      1. Chapter I, Article V. 9 – changed to:
        “All officers and committee members of a Camp shall promptly turn over to their successors all the property of the Camp in their possession, taking receipts, therefore.
      2. Chapter II, Article IV. § 6– changed to:
      3. “All officers and committee members of a Department shall promptly turn over to their successors all the property of the Camp in their possession, taking receipts, therefore.
      4. Chapter I, Article II. § 5– changed to:
        A Brother holding a Camp or Department Transfer Card cannot be admitted to any Camp of Encampment during its sessions unless given permission by vote of said Camp or Encampment. He is a Brother of the Order for purposes of Discipline only, and shall be considered honorably discharged if the card is not deposited with and accepted by some Camp within a year.  A Brother thus discharged can be admitted to membership again only in the same manner as an applicant for original membership.
      5. Chapter V, Article V. § d. Form 4 – changed to:
        Transfer Card Form, Camp Retention Only. Must be retained for no less than three (3) years.  National Retains Permanently as part of the Membership History.
      6. Chapter I, Article V. § 4– changed to:
        Any vacancy in an elected office shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Camp Council. The Camp shall temporarily, until filled by the Camp Council, fill the vacant office by the officer next in rank.  A Brother does not have to accept the temporary position.  Rank of officers at the Camp level are:
        1. Commander
        2. Sr. Vice Commander
        3. Jr. Vice Commander
        4. Secretary
        5. Treasurer
        6. Chair of the Camp Council
        7. Member of the Camp Council (longest serving Brother has priority, if two competing, then alphabetically, beginning with A)
        8. Currently serving National Officer
        9. Currently serving Department Officer
        10. Past Commander-in-Chief
        11. Past Department Commander
        12. Past Camp Commander
  1. Chapter I, Article XI. § 3– changed to:
    Camp must purchase all official supplies from the National Quartermaster
    1. Note: It was asked that walt “official supplies” be listed.
  2. Chapter V, Article XIII Branded Merchandise–new:
    Departments, Camps, and Brothers must purchase all Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War branded merchandise from the National Quartermaster of from Departments and Camps which have received permission from the National Organization to sell branded merchandise.
  1. National Encampments
    1. 2024 – Department of Kentucky
      1. Lexington KY 1-4 August 2024
    2. 2025 – Department of Texas / Louisiana
    3. 2026 – Department of New York
  2. Sons of Veterans Reserve
    1. Some minor changes to regulation. Most interesting point – SVR Regs must be changed by Encampment NOT by the SVR leadership.
  3. General Orders 24 and 24A regarding Weapons Restrictions were overturned at the National Encampment.
    1. Note: Any General Order that is not addressed at the next National Encampment becomes part of our regulation (although it’s not in the reg.)  Without this action, the General Orders would have been the ongoing position of the Order.

So issued this 13th day of August, 2023

George Andrew Huttick
Department of Tennessee
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Richard “Skip” Rexroade, CC
Department Secretary-Treasurer
Department of Tennessee
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War