Department Order #1 – 2024-2025

Chip Huffman
2409 Depot St
Spring Hill, TN 37174
(615) 337-8030

DEPARTMENT ORDER # 1, 2024-2025


Brothers and Gentlemen of the Department,

The Department Commander Headquarters is hereby transferred from Shiloh, TN to 2409 Depot St, Spring Hill, TN 37174. Mail for the Department Commander may now be postmarked here. Electronic communications are the preferred method of correspondence and are available at

  1. My sincere thanks to all Brothers who were in attendance at our 29th Annual Encampment at Fort Negley in I am honored to serve as your Department Commander.
  1. Congratulations are in order for our newly Elected Officers:
  1. Congratulations to our newly Appointed Officers
  1. Additional appointments may occur in the following days. It is my intent to focus on the core roles of our Department and Camps as it is clear we need to build depth of roster.
  1. My focus as Department Commander will be on bringing our Camps together in the bond of Fraternity. To make everyone in the Department feel like they have a place, that their opinion is respected, and that they are heard.  We must grow our leadership. We are a bottom-up organization, Camps are the heart of our organization. My hope is that all Department Officers will reach out to their Camp counterparts and provide coaching and help.
    • One great resource for your role is the National Another is to reach up to your National counterpart and ask for help and guidance.
    • If you are a Department Officer, and the Camp does not have a person in your Assist the camp in the work!
  1. There remains emphasis on the timely submission of reports by the National Organization. Camps, like Departments may be suspended for failure to submit required reports in a timely fashion. Camp Commanders are asked to work with their Camp Secretaries to ensure completion and submission of required documents. With recent changes made to the CC&R, Department Commanders and Department Secretaries are punished for reports not being submitted in a timely fashion. This will force our hand to act on late reports.
  1. For planning purposes, the 30th Annual Encampment of the Department of Tennessee is tentatively scheduled for mid-March 2025.
  1. All previous Department Orders shall remain in effect unless modified or rescinded.
  1. Brothers are strongly encouraged to attend the National Encampment in Lexington KY and are reminded to submit their pre-registration by clicking the following link: National Encampment Registration
  1. My contact information is in the letterhead. Email is the preferred contact method, especially during business hours. Phone is appropriate for emergencies.

So ordered this 18th day of March, 2024


Chip Huffman, PCC

Department Commander

Department of Tennessee

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



Attest: George Andrew Huttick

Department Secretary-Treasurer

Department of Tennessee Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War