Department Encampment – Map

All, with the Department Encampment upon us.  We thought it would be a good idea to post a map/directions from the hotel to the Heritage Center.

There are many ways to get around Murfreesboro, but the route with the fewest turns is shown above.

Hotel: 1453 Silohill Lane, Murfreesboro, TN
Heritage Center: 225 West College St., Murfreesboro, TN

1. Depart Silohill Ln toward Medical Center Pkwy                                                             456 ft
2. Turn right onto Medical Center Pkwy Pass Thornton Oil on the left in 0.3 mi                 3.7 mi
3. Road name changes to W Lokey Ave                                                                             0.2 mi
4. Turn right onto N Maple St                                                                                             0.6 mi
5. Turn right onto W College S                                                                                           285 ft
6. Arrive at W College St

The last intersection is N Maple St If you reach N Walnut St , you’ve gone too far