Department Officers – 1997

Edward J. Duffel, PCC; Commander
John E. Anderson, PCC; Senior Vice Commander
Allen F. Smith, PCC; Junior Vice Commander
Larry J. Waggoner; Secretary / Treasurer
Charles C. Yates, PDC, Frank Harned, PCC, Trent D. Johnson; Department Council
Craig S. Courney; Chief of Staff
Rick Hoover; Patriotic Instructor
Ronald C. Powell, Sr.; Chaplain
Clyde Getman; Assistant Chaplain
George Dunlop; Historian
Billy J. Darnell; Graves Registration
Allen F. Smith, PCC; Communications and Technology
Andrew J. Duffel; Color Bearer
Harold Eugene Taylor; Guide
Ron O’Dell; Guide
Charles C. Yates, PDC; Camp Organizer/Coordinator