Sultana Camp #1

Originally the Memphis Camp #1. Sultana Camp #1 resides in the Memphis, TN / Northern Mississippi area.  They meet regularly with both physical and  virtual meetings.

Darwin F. Concon; Camp Commander
Shawn P. Hinman; Senior Vice Commander
Paul Marsh, Jr.; Junior Vice Commander
Ben B. Jones II, PCC; Secretary
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Treasurer

Ben B. Jones II, PCC; Camp Council
Skip Rexroade, PDC; Camp Council
Mike Moore; Camp Council

Michael Nolley; Patriotic Instructor
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Chaplain
Ben B. Jones II, PCC; Counselor
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Historian
Michael Noley; Signals Officer
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Recruiting
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Register
Darwin F. Concon; Camp Piper

FBSultana Camp #1 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Sultana Camp is an original Charter Camp of the Deparment