Sultana Camp #1

Originally the Memphis Camp #1. Sultana Camp #1 resides in the Memphis, TN / Northern Mississippi area.  They meet regularly with both physical and  virtual meetings.

George Andrew Huttick, Camp Commander
James Randall Price, Sr. Vice Commander
William Dwyer, Jr. Vice Commander
Ben Block Jones II, PDC, Secretary, Eagle Scout Coordinator
Gary Moore, Treasurer, Patriotic Instructor
Clyde J. Getmann, PDC, Chaplain, Historian, Registar, Council
Richard “Skip” Rexroade, PCC, Council
Darwin Concon, PCC, Council


Past Camp Commanders:

  • Charles C. Yates, PDC
  • Clyde J. Getmann, PDC
  • James E. Green
  • Robert D. Neyman
  • Ben Block Jones II, PDC
  • Richard Rexroade
  • Darwin Concon
  • Shawn Hinman

FB  Sultana Camp #1 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

FB  Major General Samuel P. Carter Company Sons Of Veterans Reserve

Sultana Camp is an original Charter Camp of the Department