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Sultana Camp #1

Originally the Memphis Camp #1. Sultana Camp #1 resides in the Memphis, TN / Northern Mississippi area.  They meet regularly with both physical and  virtual meetings.

Darwin F. Concon; Camp Commander
Shawn P. Hinman; Senior Vice Commander
Paul Marsh, Jr.; Junior Vice Commander
Ben B. Jones II, PCC; Secretary
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Treasurer

Ben B. Jones II, PCC; Camp Council
Skip Rexroade, PDC; Camp Council
Mike Moore; Camp Council

Michael Nolley; Patriotic Instructor
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Chaplain
Ben B. Jones II, PCC; Counselor
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Historian
Michael Noley; Signals Officer
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Recruiting
Clyde J. Getman, PDC; Register
Darwin F. Concon; Camp Piper

FBSultana Camp #1 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Sultana Camp is an original Charter Camp of the Deparment

Fort Donelson Camp #62

Fort Donelson Camp #62 resides in Middle Tennessee, and meets regulary at Ft. Negley, Nashville, TN.

Roger A. Tenney; Camp Commander
Chip Huffman; Senior Vice Commander
Joe Smyth; Junior Vice Commander
Sam Huffman; Treasureer
Steven Boyles; Secretary
Bill Radcliffe, Scott Holmes, Seth Breon; Camp Council
Gary M. Burke; Chaplain
Seth Breon; Patriotic Instructor
Sam Gant, PDC; Historian
George Andrew Huttick; Signals Officer
Sam Gant, PDC; Graves Registration Officer

FB Fort Donelson Camp #62 (group)

FB Fort Donelson Camp #62 (page)

5Patches Middle TN Civil War Trails

Fort Donelson Camp is an original Charter Camp of the Deparment

Missionary Ridge Camp #63

Missionary Ridge Camp #63 resides in the Greater Chattanooga area.

John Sims; Camp Commander & Chaplain
Mark Steele; Senior Vice Commander
Junior Vice Commander (open)
Mark Kemp; Secretary & Treasurer
Nick Norwood; Patriotic Instructor


Past Camp Commanders:

2015/16 Jeffrey Webb
2013/14 Mark Kemp
2011/12 James Fletcher
2009/10 Mark Kemp
2007/8 James Fletcher
2005/6 Mark Kemp
2004 West Davis
2002/3 Tommy Smith
2002 Robert Dobbs
2001 Charles Engle, PDC
2001 Tim Matthews
2000 Bill Shackleford
1999 Mark Kemp
1997/8 Frank Harned, PDC

Missionary Ridge was the 4th Camp to join the Department.

Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson Camp #1





Major General James H. Wilson Camp #1 resides in Fairhope AL.

Commander-Dr. John L. “Jack” Dwyer
Sr. Vice Commander-Richard J. Kochendorfer
Jr. Vice Commander-Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer-Eric D. Alford
Chaplain-Barry L. Spink
Graves Registration Officer-Richard J. Kochendorfer
Patriotic Instructor-Carl E. Addison

FB General James H. Wilson Camp #1, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson Camp #1 was the 5th Camp to join the Department.