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Sultana Camp #1

Originally the Memphis Camp #1. Sultana Camp #1 resides in the Memphis, TN / Northern Mississippi area.  They meet regularly with both physical and  virtual meetings.

George Andrew Huttick, Camp Commander
James Randall Price, Sr. Vice Commander
William Dwyer, Jr. Vice Commander
Ben Block Jones II, PDC, Secretary, Eagle Scout Coordinator
Gary Moore, Treasurer, Patriotic Instructor
Clyde J. Getmann, PDC, Chaplain, Historian, Registar, Council
Richard “Skip” Rexroade, PCC, Council
Darwin Concon, PCC, Council


Past Camp Commanders:

  • Charles C. Yates, PDC
  • Clyde J. Getmann, PDC
  • James E. Green
  • Robert D. Neyman
  • Ben Block Jones II, PDC
  • Richard Rexroade
  • Darwin Concon
  • Shawn Hinman

FB  Sultana Camp #1 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

FB  Major General Samuel P. Carter Company Sons Of Veterans Reserve

Sultana Camp is an original Charter Camp of the Department

Fort Donelson Camp #62

Fort Donelson Camp #62 resides in Middle Tennessee, and meets regulary at Ft. Negley, Nashville, TN.

Chip Huffman;; Camp Commander
Joe Smyth; Senior Vice Commander
Bryan Collins; Junior Vice Commander
Scott Holmes; Treasurer
Roger Tenney, PDC; Secretary
Bill Radcliffe, Chris Sears, Jason Kyle; Camp Council
Gary M. Burke; Chaplain
Scott Holmes; Patriotic Instructor
Sam Gant, PDC; Historian
George Andrew Huttick; Signals Officer
Sam Gant, PDC; Graves Registration Officer
Roger Tenney, PDC; Eagle Scout Coordinator


Past Camp Commanders:

  • Edward J. Duffel, PDC
  • Allen F. Smith, PDC
  • Craig Courtney
  • Andrew J. Duffel
  • Sam C. Gant, PDC
  • Roger A. Tenney, PDC

FB Fort Donelson Camp #62 (group)

FB Fort Donelson Camp #62 (page)

5Patches Middle TN Civil War Trails

Fort Donelson Camp is an original Charter Camp of the Deparment

Missionary Ridge Camp #63

Missionary Ridge Camp #63 resides in the Greater Chattanooga area.

Nick Norwood, Camp Commander, Patriotic Instructor
Dave McMahon, Sr. Vice Commander
Harvey Scarborough, Jr. Vice Commander
Mark Kemp, PCC, Secretary / Treasurer
Bob Dobbs, PCC, Council
Bill Shackleford, PCC, Council
John Sims, PCC, Council, Chaplain


Past Camp Commanders:

2015/16 Jeffrey Webb
2013/14 Mark Kemp
2011/12 James Fletcher
2009/10 Mark Kemp
2007/8 James Fletcher
2005/6 Mark Kemp
2004 West Davis
2002/3 Tommy Smith
2002 Robert Dobbs
2001 Charles Engle, PDC
2001 Tim Matthews
2000 Bill Shackleford
1999 Mark Kemp
1997/8 Frank Harned, PDC

Missionary Ridge was the 4th Camp to join the Department.

Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson Camp #1

Major General James H. Wilson Camp #1 resides in Fairhope AL.

Eric Alford, Camp Commander, Eagle Scout Coordinator
Daniel Olinger, Sr. Vice Commander
Dr. George M. Lauderbaugh, Jr. Vice Commander
Bruce Buehler, Secretary / Treasurer
Barry Spink, Chaplain, Historian, Council
Dr. Walter Boutwell, Council
Richard Kochendorfer, Graves Registration Officer, Civil War Memorials Officer


Past Camp Commanders:

  • Allen Howey
  • Randall Scott
  • Richard Kochendorfer
  • Barry Spink
  • Justin Rojeck
  • Charles Pickette
  • John Dwyer

FB General James H. Wilson Camp #1, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson Camp #1 was the 5th Camp to join the Department.

Private Richard Taylor Camp #53

Private Richard Taylor Camp #53 resides in Huntsville, AL.

Michael K. Garrett, Camp Commander
Richard L. Blanton, Senior Vice Commander
William Pearce, PDC, Council
Tod Jenness, PCC, Council
Kent Wright, Council
Geoffrey Hintze, PDC; Secretary/Treasurer


Past Camp Commanders:

  • David Milam
  • Geoffrey Hintze, PDC
  • Tod Jenness
  • Richard Blanton

FB Pvt. Richard Taylor Camp #53 (group)

Private Richard Taylor Camp #53  was the 7th Camp to join the Department.