Missionary Ridge Camp #63

Missionary Ridge Camp #63 resides in the Greater Chattanooga area.

Nick Norwood, Camp Commander, Patriotic Instructor
Dave McMahon, Sr. Vice Commander
Harvey Scarborough, Jr. Vice Commander, Graves Registration, Historian
Mark Kemp, PCC, Secretary / Treasurer
Bob Dobbs, PCC, Council
Bill Shackleford, PCC, Council
John Sims, PCC, Council, Chaplain



Past Camp Commanders:

2017/18 John Jims
2015/16 Jeffrey Webb
2013/14 Mark Kemp
2011/12 James Fletcher
2009/10 Mark Kemp
2007/8 James Fletcher
2005/6 Mark Kemp
2004 West Davis
2002/3 Tommy Smith
2002 Robert Dobbs
2001 Charles Engle, PDC
2001 Tim Matthews
2000 Bill Shackleford
1999 Mark Kemp
1997/8 Frank Harned, PDC

Missionary Ridge was the 4th Camp to join the Department.