Army of Tennessee Camp #64

Army of Tennessee Camp #64 resides in Middle Tennessee, with meetings occuring in Murfreesboro, TN and Cookeville, TN.

Army of the Tennessee Camp 64 was officially chartered on October 19th, 2015. The camp serves Murfreesboro and the Upper Cumberland Valley in Middle Tennessee. The camp is named in honor of the soldiers of the Army of the Tennessee who never suffered defeat. The Camp Motto is “Nothing But Victory”

We are Proud to join our partner camps in promoting Civil War history and in Honoring our Union Ancestors.

James W. “Bill” Heard; Camp Commander
James Loftis; Senior Vice Commander
Mike McCormick; Junior Vice Commander
Dan Girton; Secretary/Treasurer
Chaplain:  Tommy Phillips
Patriotic Instructor:  David DuBrucq PCC



FB Army of Tennessee Camp #64

Army of Tennessee Camp #64 was the 10th Camp to join the Department.