23rd Departmental Encampment

East Tennessee and the Major William A. McTeer Camp No. 39
The Department of Tennessee (with Alabama and Mississippi)
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
To its
Annual Encampment
Mid-February to Mid-March 2018 (Final Date TBD)

Before you know it, the time will be upon us for the Annual Encampment for our Department. The McTeer Camp is already hard at work in planning the event and wants to share some news with the other Camps. We want to make this event something every member in our Department “wants” to attend and can attend. We anticipate a “Registration Fee” of $10. Those who pre-register will receive a “significant” gift. Because we are planning a special encampment, we will ask for pre-registration to end by November 30th.
We are negotiating for a “host hotel” on Alcoa/Airport Highway such as the Courtyard by Marriott or similar accommodations at a rate of $89 – 99 per night. The rate will be good both Friday and Saturday nights for those coming in from far distances. As such, members may stay at the hotel either Friday or Saturday or both nights as they so choose.

The McTeer Camp will host a “Welcome Party” on Friday evening at the host hotel. It will be a chance to start off the weekend with a good dose of Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty – getting to know one another and sharing clever ideas about the SUVCW, our Camps and our Department.

We plan to have the business meeting, election of officers and lunch at the nearby air force base with the hope that we can be finished early in the afternoon so that we may depart upon an approximately three hour guided bus tour of local Union Civil War sites. Included will be the recently redone Fort Dickerson park, the Knoxville National Cemetery, a drive-through of the Fort Sanders area and many other meaningful historical sites. We want as many as possible to participate and we will be gathering a small fee ($10-$15) and nailing down who wants to come with pre-registration.

During the business meeting of the Encampment (or at dinner Saturday evening), we intend to present several awards. The Department will give out awards first in accordance with the bylaws:

Section 1: Authorization for two Department membership awards is provided. The Department may confer an award upon the Camp within the Department of Tennessee that initiates the most new Brothers during the twelve (12) months preceding the Department Encampment. This award shall be designated as the Corporal William H. Bell Membership Award. The Department may also confer an award upon the Camp within the Department of Tennessee that demonstrated the largest percentage of growth during the twelve (12) months preceding the Department Encampment. This award shall be designated as the Private Henry Hoover Membership Award.

Section 2: Authorization for a Department certificate of appreciation award is provided. The award shall be known as the Department of Tennessee Certificate of Appreciation. The award shall be conferred by the Department Commander upon any individual or entity who, in the judgment of a three-member panel appointed by the Department Commander, has through his/her actions, words, and/or deeds significantly contributed to the furtherance of the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic within the Boundaries of the Department of Tennessee. Recommendations for possible recipients of said award shall be submitted, along with a one-page description of the contribution made, to the Department Secretary no later than two (2) months prior to the annual Department Encampment. Recipients of the award shall be publicly announced and a certificate presented at the annual Department of Tennessee Encampment. No more than three (3) recipients shall be selected for the award in any one year.
Per National Policy we also shall award the following:
The Doctor Mary Edwards Walker Award – This award may be presented by the Commander-in-Chief or a Department Commander to a female member of one of the Allied Orders in recognition of and appreciation for her outstanding service to the SUVCW. At the National level, she must be recommended by a Past Department Commander, Past Commander-in-Chief, the Commander-in-Chief, or an elected National Officer. At the Department level, she must be recommended by a Past Camp Commander, Past Department Commander, Past Commander-in-Chief or the Department Commander.
a. The Commander-in-Chief may present up to three awards in any one year. A Department Commander may present up to two awards in any one year. It is not mandatory for either the Commander-in-Chief or a Department Commander to present this award.
b. The medal shall be gold in color. The obverse bears a portrait of Doctor Mary Edwards Walker wearing a Medal of Honor within a raised bordure bearing the inscription “Doctor Mary Edwards Walker Medal” above and SUVCW below, separated by stars. The reverse of the medal will be inscribed as follows: “Awarded in grateful appreciation for service to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.” (Note: the reverse also bears the copyright © 2011 SUVCW)
c. The medal shall be suspended from a neck ribbon, gold in color for national awards made by the Commander-in-Chief, and dark red for awards made by a Department Commander. The medal is accompanied by a certificate which should be presented with the medal. The medal may be presented in accordance with the ceremony in the “Ritual & Ceremonials.”

The Department also intends to recognize at the Department Encampment, the Camp who voluntarily raises the most money per member toward the possible hosting of a future National Encampment.¹

Finally, the Department Commander, with the input of the Camp Commanders and other Department Officers, intends to make several other awards based on nominations submitted no later than November 30, 2017. These awards are meant to recognize the Department’s most outstanding camp, most outstanding Brother, most outstanding newsletter and most outstanding web site. Nominations may be made by letter to the Department Commander with a one page citation stating the reasons why the person or entity should receive the award.
After the guided bus tour, we intend to get together Saturday evening for what might range from an informal dinner at a close-by restaurant to a Department Encampment banquet with a noted speaker. With so many nearby colleges and universities, we have a multitude of entertaining speakers. What we have will be based on the Department members’ interest. Any of our events will be at the lowest cost possible.

Afterwards, an informal get together for those interested at the host hotel.

I think you can see that the McTeer Camp intends to host a first-class Department Encampment. We need Camp Commanders to start sharing this information with their Camps and promoting attendance now. We will nail down the date very soon as well as the host hotel and final pricing. This will be a Department Encampment you will not want to miss. We need to start getting preliminary attendance numbers ASAP. Let us know how we might make it even better.

Max Renfro
Commander, Major William A. McTeer Camp No. 39
David McReynolds
Commander, Department of Tennessee

¹Editor Note:  A form has been provided to assist with the gathering of funds for a potential National Encampment hosted by our Department.  The form with instructions may be found here: http://www.suvcwdepttn.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Host-National-Encampment-Donation-Form.pdf

General Order 2017-01

General Order #1
SERIES 2017-2018
30 April 2017

1. To all the Brothers in attendance at the 22nd Annual Encampment of the Department of Tennessee held in Franklin, TN, I most humbly thank you for your support and faith in me. I thank the Brothers of the Army of Tennessee Camp #64 for hosting an excellent encampment.
2. The Department Commander headquarters is hereby transferred to 4323 Near Shore Drive, Louisville, TN 37777. Mail for the Department Commander may be posted here. Electronic communications are the preferred method of communication and the preferred e-mail for department business is mcreyscope@aol.com. A secondary e-mail address that is directed to my attention is treasurer@suvcw.org. However, I use that address primarily for national SUVCW business. I may be reached by telephone at either 865-981-2854 (home) or 865-7893953 (cell).
3. A healthy department is driven by effective communication. I encourage Camp Commanders to not only establish excellent communication within their Camp but also between other Camps within our Department. Events involving more than one Camp are encouraged. In a comparable manner, I hope to establish better communication and interaction with the Departments that are our geographic neighbors to hopefully find ways to work together and produce larger events across Department boundaries.
4. As the Commander-in-Chief said in his General Order #1, SERIES 2016-2017, ANNOUNCE, ADVERTISE, PROMOTE everything you do. Be part of your community. Advertise your events. Establish relationships with local media to help ensure newspaper and IV coverage of what you do. But most importantly, act in a way that will grow your Camp. The success of our Department depends on continuous growth — continually adding new members, especially members under age 40.
5. Support the SUVCWs Eagle Scout and ROTC programs with great enthusiasm. We must have each of our Camps working with high schools and boy scout troops to recognize the next generation of leaders in our society. Every Camp should participate and report their participation through the Patriotic Instructor’s Annual Report.
6. The Patriotic Instructor’s Annual Report is an extremely valuable tool for the SUVCW to capture at all level activities that promote the tax-exempt mission of our organization. The position should go to someone at the Camp level that can commit to working all year to record what the Camp and its Members are doing. The report is a required report and must be filed with the Department Patriotic Instructor on time and in the manner prescribed in the Patriotic Instructor’s Handbook.
7. It is important that we assure that we have had our Camp histories preserved and added to each year. A Camp History should be on file with our National Organization.
8. We need to complete the Last Solider Project that was ordered by PCinC Darby’s General Order in 1995. Every Camp should place this activity at the top of the list and assure that the soldier’s grave has been identified, properly marked and rededicated by ritual ceremony in their geographic counties.
9. I would like to see as many of our Members as possible enroll in our new SUVCW Memorial University program and begin to take courses online and learn more about our organization as time permits.
10. I would like to see more Members of our Department volunteer for service at the National level in areas of personal interest to them. There are many opportunities to be involved that are not overwhelmingly time consuming but would add to the good of the order.
11. I would like the Special Committee on the possibility of hosting a future National Encampment to remain active. I would like the same membership in this committee as last year to at least keep continuity and we grapple with the obstacles that must be overcome.

Ordered this 30th day of April 2017,

David H. McReynolds
Department of Tennessee
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Michael P. Downs
Department of Tennessee
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Michael Downs (2015 – 2017)

Department Officers – 2017

Commander: David H. McReynolds, PCC
Senior Vice-Commander: Roger Tenney, CC
Junior Vice-Commander: Ben Block Jones II, PCC
Secretary: Craig Brown, PDC
Treasurer: Geoffrey Hintze, PDC
Department Council: Carl E. Addison
Samuel Gant, PDC
Ben Block Jones II, PCC
Chaplain Clyde Getman, PDC
Assistant Chaplain Assistant Chaplain
Patriotic Instructor Carl E. Addison
Civil War Memorials Officer David DuBrucq, CC
Graves Registration Officer Richard Holmes
ROTC/Eagle Scout Coordinator Nick Norwood
Signals Officer George A. Huttick
 Note: Michael Downs, PDC served a partial term as Department Secretary

Department Encampment – Map

All, with the Department Encampment upon us.  We thought it would be a good idea to post a map/directions from the hotel to the Heritage Center.

There are many ways to get around Murfreesboro, but the route with the fewest turns is shown above.

Hotel: 1453 Silohill Lane, Murfreesboro, TN
Heritage Center: 225 West College St., Murfreesboro, TN

1. Depart Silohill Ln toward Medical Center Pkwy                                                             456 ft
2. Turn right onto Medical Center Pkwy Pass Thornton Oil on the left in 0.3 mi                 3.7 mi
3. Road name changes to W Lokey Ave                                                                             0.2 mi
4. Turn right onto N Maple St                                                                                             0.6 mi
5. Turn right onto W College S                                                                                           285 ft
6. Arrive at W College St

The last intersection is N Maple St If you reach N Walnut St , you’ve gone too far